Kyton's Hot Cross Buns

It’s that time of the year again when Kytons fires up its ovens to bake the most delicious South Australian made hot cross buns.  Kytons don’t start their buns straight after Christmas – in fact we’ve had to wait until this week before enjoying a fresh Kytons Hot Cross Bun!

But if you can’t wait for them to hit the shops -  write a blog about them!

Kytons has been baking in SA since 1938 and is currently owned by Sharon and Darren Sutton who have been nurturing the business for the last 14 years.  Can you call yourself a South Australian if you haven’t had a Kytons Lamington ?

I love seeing behind the scenes at how great food is produced and my visit to Kytons Bakery didn’t disappoint.  I was there for the first day of production and the first thing you notice (after putting on my very stylish hat) was the amazing aromas of fresh baked buns and Easter spices.

The process begins with the efficient production line of dough being mixed and then fed into the next machine to be cut, measured and rolled into the perfect sized Hot Cross Bun.  The cross is added (the most important part in my opinion) then baked till golden before the final step of the beautiful glaze being sprayed on top while still warm from the oven.

I couldn’t wait to taste the fresh Hot Cross Buns with lots and lots (and lots) of butter!

Kytons Hot Cross buns come in three varieties, Traditional, Fruitless (no fruit but still all of the wonderful Easter spices) and the Kytons Menz FruChoc Hot Cross Bun!

Kytons hot cross buns are made with top grade Australian dried fruit bought directly from the grower, SA’s own Laucke flour and are lovingly made by Kytons bakers at their factory in Edwardstown.  Their traditional buns have previously won the National Hot Cross Bun Competition and last week were recognised on the national stage again; being awarded a bronze medal at the very competitive Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

So when you buy a packet of Kytons Hot Cross Buns you are not supporting just one great South Australian business and family but many!

Five years ago Kytons started making the Kytons Menz FruChocs Hot Cross Bun after listeners to SAFM voted for the two companies to work together to create an Easter “love-child”. The buns were so popular the first year that stores had trouble keeping their shelves stocked. Five years on the FruChocs buns are still a popular choice when looking for something different and iconically South Australian at Eastertime.

I think that there are two important questions when it comes to hot cross buns:

(1) Cut into halves and grill or whole into the oven?  

(2) Fruit or fruitless?

While both Sharon and Darren love a toasted traditional hot cross bun with lashings of butter (especially if it’s Paris Creek BD Farms’) as their hot cross bun choice, Sharon says that their kids love the FruChocs buns, especially heated a little in the microwave to make the FruChocs go gooey.  It’s not just the kids, many of Sharons adult friends are totally addicted to the FruChocs version too.

Kytons has a retail shop at their factory at 15 Lindsay Ave Edwardstown (just behind Castle Plaza).  Open Monday to Friday during school terms you will find all of your favourite Kytons products, including the freshest hot cross buns, their famous lamingtons as well as hot pies to go with your coffee.

Check out Kytons website for your nearest Kytons stockist and more information about their Hot Cross Buns and other delicious products and be sure to Like them on Facebook to keep up to date with what’s going on.

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