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With an Irish Catholic family background, seafood is the traditional lunch and evening meal for my family on Good Friday.   As a child, that meant a trip to Samtass Bros Seafood at Richmond with my grandpa.  While the store has undergone many changes the quality of the seafood and service has always remained the same.

The opportunity to spend a morning with Tony Andonas and see what happens behind the scenes was too good to pass up.

Samtass is an all Australian family owned seafood retailer, processor and distribution business.  Currently run by its third generation of Andonas’ in Tony, Michael and Mark, Samtass is supplied by many local South Australian fisherman as well as interstate and from the Sydney and Melbourne Fish Markets.

“People come to Samtass looking for the freshest and best seafood to mark Good Friday, and to enjoy time with family and friends over the extended holiday break.” Tony said.  “From day one we have had as much variety as possible.”  This variety is evident in all aspects of the store with the large variety of fresh fish and crustaceans, including the large range of frozen products available.

Personally I love how I can get local SA cooked prawns ready to peel and dip, raw prawn meat ready for BBQ skewers or to toss through a stir fry or a bag of frozen prawns to keep in the freezer for emergencies and quick snacks like Prawn Toast.

Samtass has a high turnover of product ensuring that it’s fresh but Tony’s top tips when selecting seafood are to always look for “clear eyes, a nice shine to the skin with no discolouration and pink gills”.

Whilst both Easter and Christmas are busy times of year, Samtass plan for the rush and always have plenty of staff on and even open Good Friday for those of us not quite so organised  ;-)

Don't forget you can also get everything you need to make our Perfect Salt and Pepper Squid !

Samtass has two stores one at Richmond and one in the Adelaide Central Markets.  Be sure to visit their website to keep up with all the fantastic specials they will have to make your Easter amazing.

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