Nigella's White Bean Mash

"This is a garlicky, lemony, ultra-fabulous, utterly addictive bean mash" ~ Nigella

I've slightly modified this recipe of Nigella's to be even quicker and simpler by using some great Passionate Foodie products. 

Pantry Items

  • 4 tbspn Roasted Garlic Oil for ‘the Passionate Foodie’
  • 2 pinches of Szechuan Pepper Salt for ‘the Passionate Foodie’ 

Shopping List

  • 2 tins of white beans (Cannalini Beans work well)
  • Zest of a small lemon.
  • Parsley to garnish.


Preheat garlic oil in a pan and add drained and rinsed Cannellini beans.

As beans heat and soften mash with a fork to get a consistency similar to mash potatoes.

Once mashed and heated through serve with parsley for garnish and a drizzle of Roasted Garlic Oil.

Alternative Serving Suggestions:

  • Substitute the Roasted Garlic oil with Turmeric and Lemon Oil, adds a vibrant yellow colour and an extra touch of citrus.
  • Instead of parsley (or a sprig of Rosemary) to garnish, try using the fried sage leaves from the Roasted Garlic Sweet Potatoe recipe.