Seasonal Eating

The best consequence of eating seasonally is that you get the best tasting, healthiest food available. The same reasons that keep the cost of seasonal food down also drive its quality up: The food is grown closer to you so it doesn't spoil during transport, it's harvested at the peak of its season, it's sold during its season - before it spoils.  This means you're getting fruits and vegetables that haven't had time to lose their flavor or their health benefits by sitting in a shipping container for a trip across the ocean.


Apricots Avocado (Fuerte) Beetroots Asparagus
Beans Cabbage (& Brussels Sprouts) Broccoli Avocado (Hass)
Berries & Currants Cauliflower Cabbage (& Brussels Sprouts) Beetroots
Celery Celery Cauliflowers Berries & Currants
Cherries Chestnuts Celery Broccoli
Corn Cumquats Cumquats Cabbage (& Brussels Sprouts)
Cucumber Figs Fennel Corn
Eggplants Ginger Ginger Cucumbers
Figs Leeks Jerusalem Artichokes Fennel
Green pea Melons Lemons & Limes Green, Snap & Snow Peas
Leeks Olives Olives Leeks
Melon Parsnips Parsnips Lemon & Lime
Pears Pears Rhubarb Peppers & Chillies
Peppers (& Chillies) Quinces Sweet Potatoes Rhubarb 
Tomatoes Sweet Potatoes Turnips & Swedes Zucchini & Squash
Zucchini & Squash Tomatoes